Things I saw in February

I love to look around me in this gorgeous world of ours and I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of it. Sometimes I see things that strike me as hilarious, or stunning and amazing, or just plain wtf?  Here are a few things I saw in February 2015:

Near where I live is a lovely walk around a wetlands area, home to an enormous number of creatures and birds. There’s always something to see on this walk but  I was struck one day by two pieces of spraycan writing on the path.F abbottabbot did this

You can just see the absolute inarticulate rage here can’t you? The first was on the footpath, the second on a lovely little spot where people sit and contemplate the ducks and the frogs.  There wasn’t quite enough room for the “s” in “THIS”, but it looks quite arty like it is. But there was certainly enough room to add the extra “T” to our PM’s name. If Abbott really did do this he may have spelled his name correctly.  Get it right angry spray painter!!

I well remember reading “Snugglepot and CuddlepIe” when I was a little tacker and I read it to my own child as well. We loved the fierce “Banksia Men”, and the delicate flower dress of Little Ragged Blossom. These reminded me of those times.

gum nut flowersBanksia man

When my daughter was little, she asked “Are the Banksia Men real”? And when she recognised a tree full of them for the first time she was delighted. “They are real!! Mummy, I thought that was just a made up story”.  We delighted in examining each one very closely, marvelling at how different they all were, and how spot on May Gibbs’ illustrations were.

gumnut blossoms

Kidnapper and Banksia lout

Kidnapper and Banksia lout

The banksia men were pretty fierce in May Gibbs’ story – a lot of angry kidnappers and louts, and in real life they can look fierce too. The one I photographed looks rather benign though – all big lips and kind of friendly.  Maybe this particular one is a peaceful and relaxed Banksia person without kidnapping and mayhem in their background.

In February I was lucky enough to walk along a track, (accompanied of course, by the Frequent Urinator – see featured picture), with million dollar views at the South Coast. Some savvy South coasters have parked picnic tables and chairs alongside the track or out the back of their homes, to take advantage of said views, while they share an ale or a meal with family and friends. The dining furniture ranges in quality and ingenuity, but here are a few of my favourites:

This one’s definitely seen better days…table 5

Who table 1cares what’s on the menu when you can look out at this?

Might get a few splinters with this one:table4

Fancy pants and well-maintained!table3

A few old besser bricks and a bit of wood and we are all set for a Chardy at sunset!


The world is a funny and beautiful place isn’t it?  I look forward to sharing more things “”I saw last week” with you.

Photo credit: me and my iphone; May Gibbs’ illustrations from “Snugglepot and Cuddllepie”.


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